Case Study


Gallantium is an online platform providing video-based content for mental health support in the workplace. Features include video branding, low-price entry, and a community of like-minded professionals. The platform is designed to be future-proof and cover new workplace topics.


One of the challenges we faced was creating a platform that was interactive and engaging while also being easy to navigate and user-friendly. Additionally, we had to create a subscription based model similar to SaaS to drive free trials and repeat engagement, while also implementing a freemium model to drive brand awareness


Our primary goal was to design and develop a platform that would drive sales, generate revenue, showcase what Gallantium is passionate about, and retain clients to drive a long-term relationship with ongoing business.


The Design Process section outlines the key steps our team took to bring the Gallantium project to life. From empathizing with the target audience to creating multiple design prototypes, this section provides insight into the design process that resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly platform.

1. Empathize

Our team conducted user research to understand the target audience, their needs and challenges, and what they were looking for in a mental health support platform.

2. Define

Based on the user research, we defined the key features and functionalities of the platform, such as video-based content, a video branding

3. Ideate

Our team brainstormed ideas for the platform’s visual design, taking into consideration the brand’s core message, target audience, and desired user experience.

4. Prototype

We created multiple design prototypes and tested them with real users to gather feedback and improve the user experience.

5. Understand

Finally, we reviewed the feedback received from users and made design adjustments to create a final product that was both visually appealing and user-friendly.


The platform received positive feedback from users, with many complimenting the interactive and engaging design and userfriendly interface. The platform has met the KPIs set by the client, including the number of visitors, time spent on the website, performance of each page, number of free trial subscribers, conversion rate trial to subscriber, number of subscribers and repeat subscriptions.

The platform saw a steady increase in subscribers post-launch.
Video branding configurator led to increased engagement.
Valuable resource; users provided overwhelmingly positive feedback.
Workplace diversity, cultural awareness topics added; solidifying position.


In conclusion, our team was honoured to work with Gallantium to design and develop a video-based learning platform that supports mental health at the workplace. We are proud of the interactive and engaging design we created. The platform has become an essential component of Gallantium’s business model, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them

Gallantium’s new platform design and user-centric approach led to a significant increase in user engagement and satisfaction.

By providing valuable resources and fostering a supportive community, Gallantium has become a trusted resource for mental health and workplace well-being.