Case Study

One Woman Owner

One Woman Owner is a unique car marketplace designed specifically for women, providing a safe and reliable car-buying platform. Our client approached us to design and develop a modern, user-friendly website that reflects their values and attracts female buyers.


One of the challenges we faced was designing a website that was both feminine and modern. We wanted the website to reflect the brand’s values while also being visually appealing to our target audience. Additionally, we had to make sure the website was optimised for user experience and maximising advertising revenues.


Our primary goal was to design a website that was approachable, intelligent, sociable, spontaneous, cheeky, witty, fun, exciting, and engaging to our target audience. We wanted the website to be a useful resource for potential buyers.


For One Woman Owner (OWO), the design process started with empathy towards the target audience and understanding their pain points. The team defined the goals and objectives of the website, followed by ideation and prototyping. Several design iterations were made, with user testing and feedback playing a crucial role in shaping the final product. The team constantly worked towards understanding and refining the user experience. The result was a modern, user-friendly website that reflected the brand’s message and catered to the needs of its audience.

1. Discovery

Conducted research to understand the market, target audience, and competitors. Conducted interviews and surveys to gather insights and feedback from potential users.

2. Ideation

Brainstormed design concepts and ideas based on the research findings. Created wireframes and sketches to visualize the design concepts.

3. Design

Created a high-fidelity design based on the selected concept. Worked on the visual design, typography, and color scheme to make it attractive and user-friendly.

4. Testing

Conducted user testing sessions to gather feedback on the design. Made necessary changes based on the feedback to improve the user experience.

5. Development

Converted the design into a functional website using WordPress. Customized the theme and added necessary functionalities to meet the client’s requirements.


The platform received positive feedback from users, with many complimenting the interactive and engaging design and userfriendly interface. The platform has met the KPIs set by the client, including the number of visitors, time spent on the website, performance of each page, number of free trial subscribers, conversion rate trial to subscriber, number of subscribers and repeat subscriptions.

Increased website traffic and engagement
Enhanced user experience and intuitive navigation
Streamlined car selling process with efficient tools and resources
Strong online presence and brand credibility through targeted content strategy


Our design team worked closely with our client to develop a unique and engaging web design that accurately reflected the brand’s values. We incorporated bright and bold colours, modern typography, and high-quality imagery to create an exciting and engaging experience for the user. Our team also implemented features like free valuations, car insurance, car finance, and car history check, making it easy for buyers to access all the information they need to make an informed decision.

The redesigned website has helped One Woman Owner establish itself as a unique, female-focused car marketplace.

The improved user experience and integration of key features have contributed to increased engagement and sales.