Case Study

Wilkinson Coutts

Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training is a company that specializes in providing technical training courses for asset integrity and pressure equipment. They offer ASME courses, API courses, and technical courses to provide practical and relevant training to professionals. Their focus is on the mechanical integrity of static pressure equipment and Pressure Relief Valves, and they are committed to delivering flexible training solutions to their clients. With a wide range of training courses, they enable professionals to continue their professional development and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.


The primary challenge when designing and developing the Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training website would be to effectively showcase the diverse range of technical courses in a clear and organized manner, while also providing a user-friendly experience for visitors. Additionally, integrating online training modules and resources may require a thoughtful approach to ensure a seamless user experience.


The goal of the project is to design and develop a website for Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training that effectively showcases their range of technical training courses in the mechanical integrity of static pressure equipment and Pressure Relief Valves. The website should be user-friendly and provide clear information about the courses, their benefits, and how to enroll. Additionally, the website should help promote the company’s reputation as a leader in providing high-quality integrity engineering training courses.


The design process for the Wilkinson Coutts website redesign project was a thorough and rigorous approach that involved a needs assessment, research on industry best practices and user behavior, development of wireframes and prototypes, and user testing. Regular evaluations were conducted to refine the design based on user feedback and analytics, and a content strategy was created to ensure that the website was regularly updated with fresh, relevant content that provided value to the target audience. The result was a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively communicated the value of the training courses to the target audience.

1. Research

Conducted needs assessment, industry research, and user behavior analysis.

2. Design

Developed wireframes and prototypes, optimized for search engines and accessibility standards.

3. Testing

Conducted user testing throughout the design process.

4. Integration

Integrated with CMS and other tools for functionality and performance.

5. Launch

Launched the website, refined design based on user feedback and analytics.


Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training’s website redesign and development has led to a significant improvement in user experience and engagement. The new website features a user-friendly design, easy navigation, and clear messaging that effectively conveys the company’s services and expertise. The integration of a learning management system has streamlined the registration and management of courses for both the company and the trainees. As a result, Wilkinson Coutts has seen an increase in website traffic, improved customer satisfaction, and a boost in course bookings.

Improved user experience and navigation for course selection and booking process.
Increased online visibility and lead generation through search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies.
Streamlined course delivery and management process through implementation of a customized learning management system.
Positive feedback from clients on the ease of course booking and the quality of training provided.


The redesign and development of Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training’s website was a great success. The new design, combined with the integration of a user-friendly CMS system, has resulted in a more engaging and informative platform for their target audience. The streamlined course selection process has led to increased interest and participation in their training programs. The incorporation of a responsive design has also made the site more accessible on mobile devices. Overall, the new website has effectively met the goals set by Wilkinson Coutts, improving the user experience, and providing a strong online presence for their business.